In the studio with @razahrahz

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by the fire pit grilling some asparagus & skrimps with @vixenmakeup
flowers from bae 😊💖💜💚💙
This picture is good for another two years.  😹 jk.  I might be the world’s worst friend but y’all know at th
SJ, who literally brought me a shot that had a lime with a candle in it 😩😹
deejay Ish got me Jay Z for my birthday.  A Jay Z song, that is! Lol
Can’t say how much I adore her enough.
Gigi ❤️❤️❤️

TVs in the bathroom. 😩

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One side of the table was talking about the gym and doing squats, & the other side about things I can’t say on IG. Love my friends. #diversity

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Birfdayyyyyy love part one.

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My sister’s new puppy.  Just pretend his name isn’t Bentley Badass. 😒